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Orthotics (a.k.a insoles) can be used to reduce pain either in the feet or further up the body, such as knee or back pain, where an imbalance puts stress on other areas of the body. 


They can enable us to move more efficiently, reducing additional stress and strain on the body (often where we feel pain), and reduced the risk of further injury.

Orthotics/insoles can also be used before an injury occurs to improve the efficiency of movement, reduce rates of injury, and can help overall sporting performance.


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Bespoke Orthotic Testimonials

What our previous patients have said?

"I have known that I over pronate for a very long time but was suffering with knee and hip pain when running and occasionally walking.  I thought my trainers needed renewing but couldn't find any with sufficient support.


Bex fitted me up for some much needed orthotics and gave me therapy on my by then very poorly knee.  I'm back running again pain free and my regular visits to the chiropractor have decreased."


After suffering for a few years with a recurring Achilles problem which left me unable to run for a year, and visiting many different therapists to no avail, I decided to visit Bex in her Ruthin practice.  After giving me a thorough assesment she recommended some bespoke orthotics to help with my recurring problem.  I have been given orthotics to use before which I have not found have helped.


However after having a full assesment and measurement done ( which I have not had done before when given orthotics ) I have to say they are the comfiest I have ever had , and with the treatments I have received i am now pain free and back running again.


I can't recommend Bex enough, I now have monthly appointment just to keep everything in check.


Bespoke Orthotic FAQs

We hope that these FAQs will cover some of your initial queries about our Orthotic Assessments and Treatments.


If you have anything else you would like to know then you can get in touch with us on 01352 746 500 or

What are orthotics / insoles?

We first run through an patient consultation, where we gather information which is relevant to your injury, health and lifestyle.

The consulation provides us a background to how to approach the massage (i.e. any adaptations we need to apply), and what muscles and soft tissues are likely to need attention.

What to expect during an orthotic assessment?

We provide a range of Sports Massages, either 30, 60 or 90 minute treatments.

New patients require an initial consultation which requires an additional 15 minutes for the appointment. - ensuring you get your full treatment time!

What can orthotics / insoles help with?

Each body is unique and responds differently to treatment, so we take an individual approach too.

If there is a lot of tension built up, then often having a couple of treatments closer together will enable us to get the tension under control.

Some patients find that they are able to keep muscles relieved through exercise and stretches.

Others find that regular 'maintenance' treatments help them manage stress and tension long-term.

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