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A body MOT is a way of assessing the body for weaknesses and/or imbalances that may in the future result in an injury. 


We regularly have our cars tested to ensure they are running effectively and efficiently, so why not look after our bodies in the same way?


Screening the body for weaknesses or exessive tension loading enables us to devise a programme specifically to target releasing tight areas and strengthening weaknesses.  As the body becomes more aligned and balanced, we reduce the risk of future injuries.

Senior Physiotherapy

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Prevention is better than cure.

Body MOT Testimonials

What our previous patients have said?

"Got a sports massage for the first time after struggling with tightness especially in the calf’s.


Just a 30 min session and you can really feel the difference! Bex is very professional, efficient and effective!


Session didn’t feel rushed either, would definitely recommend."

"I had a back neck and shoulder massage, Becky is a fantastic therapist and very professional.


I felt very relaxed in her company as we discussed ailments I will definitely be using Becky again."



"Training for swim run events demands balancing training loads and recovery. 


Becs background in sport combined with her therapist knowledge provides an excellent understanding service to keep me in good condition!"



We hope that these FAQs will cover some of your initial queries about our Body MOT's.


If you have anything else you would like to know then you can get in touch with us on 01352 746 500 or

What is a Body MOT?

Our Body MOT is designed to assess your muscles, joints and movement to identify areas of imbalance or weakness.

Addressing imbalances early through treatment or exercise recommendations can help prevent injuries in the future.

How long is the session?

The Body MOT is an hour long appointment, which provides sufficient time for us to carry out our assessment.

In most cases, we will also send you an exercise programme to carry out at home to help you.

What should I wear for a Body MOT?

Shorts and t-shirt are useful during the assessment, as we will be observing and monitoring many movements to analyse the muscles, joints and actions.

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