Orthotics (a.k.a insoles) can be used to reduce pain either in the feet or further up the body, such as knee or back pain, where an imbalance puts stress on other areas of the body. 


They can enable us to move more efficiently, reducing additional stress and strain on the body (often where we feel pain), and reduced the risk of further injury.

Orthotics/insoles can also be used before an injury occurs to improve the efficiency of movement, reduce rates of injury, and can help overall sporting performance.

Orthotics, custom, bespoke, insoles

Used to correct a significant imbalance between each side of the body e.g. leg length

Bespoke Orthotics

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Great for "flat feet" or "collapsed arches" where you require equal support on both sides.

Superfeet Orthotics

Orthotic / Insole FAQ's:

  • What are orthotics / insoles?

  • What to expect during a bespoke orthotic assessment?

  • What can orthotics / insoles help with?