Home Exercises: Importance & Benefits

Many therapists give their patients specific exercises to help them with their injury, ache or pain. Have you ever wondered why? What is the benefit of that exercise? To lengthen a tight muscle? What does that mean?

Muscles work in pairs. If one muscle has become shortened and tight, then the opposing muscle is quiet often (but not all the time), lengthened and weak. This imbalance then causes surrounding muscles to compensate, creating more tightness and overuse, other muscles to weaken, and bad posture around that joint and further through the body.

So, a therapist usually works backwards:

1) what symptoms do you currently have?

2) what is it preventing you from doing?

3) what (muscles/joints/movements) need strengthening/stretching?

By putting together a treatment and rehabilitation plan, we aim to get you back to (or as close as possible) to optimal, pain free, movement.



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