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Pilates FAQ's

What do you need to bring with you? We supply all the equipment you will need but we do advice you bring a small drink with you to keep hydrated during the class.

What do you need to wear? Please wear clothing you are able to stretch and move comfortably e.g. leggings, gym wear, t-shirts. We also advise to wear socks as it will help during some of the movements as we perform the exercises without footwear.

How long is the class? The classes are an hour with a format of a warm up, main session and stretching.

Why are the classes run in courses? We run the Pilates in courses so you are able to see progression each week, and the instructor can get to understand your ability and work you at the appropriate level, or make sure you are not doing a movement you shouldn't be.

I have an injury, can I still take part? Yes, our Pilates instructor is specialises in modified Pilates so we will be able to adapt most exercises to suit your ability. If you would like to discuss it with your instructor, Bex, before the class then you can get hold of her on 07816 596 512.

How do I pay for the course? Payments are taken through our online booking or we can take cash or card payments when booking in clinic.

We hope that covers some of your initial queries about the Pilates classes but if you have anything else you would like to know then you can get in touch with us on 01352 746 500 or

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