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What does a Bespoke Orthotics Assessment Involve?

What to bring with you:

  • A selection of your shoes/footwear depending on the purpose of the orthotics. i.e. runner bring trainers (road, trail etc). If for workwear or casual wear, then bring in your work and every day shoes. Some that have been worn so we can look at any wearing on the soles of the shoes.

  • Pair of shorts. Helps us during the assessment to see what is going on with other joints, and analyse your movement efficiently.

  • Any relevant medical notes/letters. i.e. medication, GP letters, scan results.

1) Consultation

  • This is where we find out why you have come to see us. What are your symptoms or issues you are having, and how it is affecting you in daily life or during certain activities or sports.

  • We will go over your current and previous medical history as this can affect our prescription, and/or help us during our assessment to ensure we have the full picture of what is happening.

2) Thorough Assessment

  • Assessment of your individual posture and biomechanics (including back, hips, pelvis, knees, ankles and feet),

  • Injury and muscle tests to help determine or confirm problem areas i.e. tight or weak muscles, areas of increased pressure or loading of joints,

  • Movement assessment, looking at the whole body, including gait and walking pattern.

3) Orthotic Prescription

  • Special tests and measurements to gain a correct prescription unique to the individual person and their type of footwear,

  • Send the prescription off for manufacturing.

4) Fitting Appointment

  • Book you in for fitting as soon as the orthotics have arrived back to us,

  • Here we check the fit and comfort of the insole,

  • Perform special tests to recheck muscle stress and joint loading,

  • Provide you with information and guidance to using the orthotics,

  • We offer a FREE readjustment within the first 3 months as we know the body adapts over time.

All of the above is included within our Bespoke Orthotic Assessment Package.

To book a bespoke orthotic assessment:

T: 01352 746 500

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