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Virtual Pilates Classes: What you Need to Know

Benefits of our virtual Pilates Classes:

  • Small group, friendly classes.

  • You can take part in the comfort of your own home - no travel time either!

  • Not to worry if you are not available for a class - we will email a recording (instructor only) which will be available for you over 48 hours.

  • A class to suit everyone!

What are the different Pilates Classes:

  • Beginners: For those who have not done Pilates before or not for a long time who want to learn the foundations of Pilates. This ensures the use of the right muscles, correct technique and posture. We would recommend this for anyone joining the classes.

  • Mixed Ability: Once you have the foundation knowledge and skill, our mixed ability classes are perfect so that you can work at your own ability and pace. We offer different levels of exercise (based off foundation movements you learn in the beginners group). Alongside this, we can also advise when you do an alternative exercise because of an injury you may have.

  • Pilates Lite: Great for anyone with reduced movement or balance. This is a modified Pilates which can be performed sitting on a chair if you are unable to get up/down from the floor, or any floor exercises adapted to suit you and the group.

  • Pilates for Men: This class combines the principles of Pilates with strength and flexibility. Usually a sociable class with varying levels of exercise so everyone feels the benefit.

How to join our virtual Pilates Classes:

  • Book online at

  • Sign up for a free Zoom account.

  • You will receive a confirmation email with a link to the class.

  • When you are ready to join the class, follow the link in your email "view zoom meeting" then "join zoom meeting"

  • Great! You are in the class!

3 things you need for our virtual Pilates Classes:

  • An exercise mat

  • A small towel

  • A drink of water

Look forward to seeing you in a class soon!

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